Sunday, October 25, 2009

Been Busy!

I've been lacking on the game reviews, I know I'm busy with school, work and actually playing the games(which isn't a lot of time) But I will try to put up some quick ones with in the next week, pending my producer doesn't call me every 5 min! (I'm directing a show for a Class and the producer is really on my ass for every detail) Also all my free time has gone to playing the games to review later, which again, will try to do. I have A lot on my plate right now, but I will try and scarf it down and hope to not get a tummy ache or the runs.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Demon's Souls 1st impressions!

I picked up Demon's Souls last week for the PS3 and just played it a while ago. One thing i want to make clear right now. THIS GAME IS UNFORGIVING!!!! Plain and simple it's hard in a way.

Demon's Souls is an RPG with lots of demons/monsters,etc. and your a hero who goes to a kingdom to rid it of an evil that has overtaken Balteria with a fog that will soon over take the rest of the world. You have Hero( there's 12 classes to choose from, Knight, wizard, thief, warrior, you know the usual) Goes to be a Hero and the first boss you face kills you with one swipe...... WTF!!! I didn't even get a chance to hit the guy!!!! But, threre was a reason for this, when you die you go to a purgatory type of place, where you have to go into different planes and recover other fallen Hero's souls, so you can get back to your body that was destroyed by the douchey Troll like boss in the beginning. So simply you get souls, you get your body going and resume your Hero ways.

The places you go to get these souls are relatively HARD! Why? Because you start off with basic armor and weapons of the class you choose and the enemies are a tad better than you. Also your health is tiny and with 2-3 hits these basic enemies do much damage. You can block if you have a shield and it works. But when you have multiple enemies it gets tricky.

Another thing about the stages is that there's lots of places to explore and are huge, pending if you live long enough. I say this because you will die, there's no escaping death, figuratively and literally( Reapers are enemies) Also, there's souls you pick up though out the game that act like currency for upgrade in weapons, armor,etc.) you get with every enemy you defeat. Now When you die, not only do you lose ALL your souls(money), but you also START AGAIN IN THE BEGINNING OF THE LEVEL!!!! And ALL the enemies are back. Also the items youve used don 't come back. Here's the thing, where you previously died, you can pick up all the souls you lost. Now If you die, again before reaching the souls they are gone for good and all those souls you collected are by-bye. Hence the game is UNFORGIVING!

Now there are some things that the game try to help you out if you play online, Multiplayer, and also a "hint" system. You can play up to 3 players online, which will totally help and make the experience a bit better, still hard though. The "hint sytem works in three ways; Death warning and Written warning. Death Warnings are basically, when a player dies (while playing online) it leaves a blood spot that show's you how that player died. It shows a red colored ghost in the dead Hero's last hurrah, before his/hers demise. The Written Warning's are self explanatory, It's a white spot on the floor that you can choose to read or not that a player has left to warn other players online. It can be some thing as vague as "Danger ahead" to some thing specific like "Use fire on the next enemy or your dead" This really helps!

Over all with all it's Hard and Unforgiving enemies and death, I really like this game, it has a Monster Hunter feel to it and I Love the Monster Hunter series. Visuals are good, controls are responsive and smooth, which is a good thing or else this game wouldn't be playable. If you like dungeon exploration, have plenty of time on your hands and don't mind re-playing a level after every death, then pick this game up. Get the strategy guide or wlk rhough to make iot easier if your too lazy to explore every nook and cranny. I enjoy the game and once I get a PS3 of my own, I will devote countless hours to this game and stay in Level 1. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So, I pre-ordered my copy of ODST last Friday at the Gametop where they filmed the first two episode of the Guild S3 Ep. 1&2 and the manager told me they were going to have a LAN party on the day of the release. I didn't know what it was and i asked, he told me it's when thay hook up 360's together to play co-op. AWESOME!!!!!

Here comes Monday and I'm off to Gamestop to the ODST LAN Party! Arrive, it's pretty meh, some kids here and there, but the Gamestop crew welcomed me with open arms. Told them thanks for doing this(Apparently the boss had no clue they were doing this, so keep it on the DL) and proceeded to get my Halo ODST on.

Picked a map got my bro to play with me and the match begins. 5 minutes later and were destroyed by the Covenant. As I stood there in sheer awe of what just happened I thought of only one thing. BUNGIE WANTS TO KILL YOU!!!!!! Well, with the Covenant anyways. So I started another match with 4 peeps and it was on. Beat the 5 minute make, alright doing better than last time. Then they turn on a skull and not the one I wanted(then again
I don't want any skulls on, but they are). Granade Happy, oh shit. As i looked up at the Fiery Blu Balls of Death, all i can say was "Tonight we fight in the shade.....of blue balls. And that lasted a couple minutes and i was still alive! 30min past and were still going strong, untill we finish the round and 4 skulls are turned on. FUCK. Screw it we got two lives left and it's ONLY 4 skulls. 2minutes in 0 lives 1 man down, shit. The rest of the team went on and we kicked major ass utill they got reinforcement and I was the LAST MAN STANDING. Oh great, Im the only one left. I thought shoud i imply strategy and hide and shoot or Leroy Jenkins it in my last hoorahh. LEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap i'm not dead, i chucked grenades like crazy and hit with each one. Started gunning every last Covenant till there were three of those giant monkey looking things left. My SMG ran out of ommo and i was down to my pistol and one clip. Headshot city, almost, see two of them were still wearing helmets and i cound get any head shot. So, i manged to take one down which gave me a plasma, i picked it up chucked it at them stuck one and knocked off the others helmet. Out of ammo, I ran like hell searching for any type of weapon! Turned around and he had leaped towards me like an fucking L4D Hunter, had no ammo so i pistol whipped that thing to death! Pretty much out of health and seeing red i had beat the round by myself. Next round we got slaughtered, it was so much fun!!!(Got an achievement too, but wasn't my profile, damn it). After the match I blinked and it was a dry blink, apparently i hadn't blinked through the whole match.

Finally the last 15min was upon us and i got my bro to get in line while i played a little DJ Hero(not bad, needs to be played on a table while standing. I tried to get everyone to dance, but it was an epic fail). Finally 10sec left as everyone counted down and got there recites ready. HALO 3 ODST TIME!!!

And now i'm home writing this.......WTF, i should be playing. Last sentence, playing now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

First of many.....maybe.

Hello, my name is Ed and I'm the Accidental Gamer.

Why did i start this blog you say? Well as you know in the next few weeks there's gonna be a lot of great Video Game releases that go well into the next year. And well i'm gonna be playing most, if not all of them. So i thought of reviewing them and also posting things that are Video Game related and some of my interest.

I'll try and post once or twice a week(busy with school, work and life for now.....) So hope you enjoy my post.(but most likely they will sound like rants)